At Freshwater we are
on a mission to help you
grow your wealth
while driving
positive change
in the communities
we invest in
We create opportunities for effortless investing in apartments. Our investors receive all the benefits of
owning real estate without the traditional complexity.

Strong believers in the ethics of social responsibility, we draw inspiration in the concept of Tikkun Olam translated from Hebrew as "Repair the World".

We do our part by transforming rental apartments for low and middle-income Americans into clean, safe, supportive, and engaging communities, by making cost-efficient and environmentally friendly improvements, adding more social and outdoor spaces.

We strive for balance between investor returns and humanity and are committed to make every acquired property a better place to live for our residents and their families.

Alex Rozenfeld
Founder, Acquisitions, Asset Management, Capital Raising
Barry Cohn
Capital Raising,
Asset Management
Alyona Doubrovina
Investor Relations,
Gear and Services
We assist and support our clients to develop their business rapidly and successfully
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